Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One Exercise Left

I only have Kinematic Equations left. I have been busy and a bit distracted. I just picked up a 1200 page book and I took a day last weekend to carve out 100,000 points on Vocabulary.com.

I got to the 9th problem on Kinematic Equations twice. These problems, I think, are a poor use of KA. There are far too many steps that involve rounding and I think doing the problems in different ways can yield slightly different answers. The tool breaks down here.

Regardless, I want to plug on. Tonight I finish Kinematic, then I only have 2 Challenges (could take some time) and an almost full review.

One note about review: I think once you have reviewed a problem set once, or maybe once you have completed the corresponding challenge, that you don't have to review again. My map is very orange, but many of the early exercises remain blue.

Off to work.

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