Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blogs are dumb

Have you heard of the Khan Academy? I'm not here to tell you about it, you can read about it yourself:

or watch a video:

I liked this idead so much that I decided I am going to work through the entire Khan Academy. They have a nice map of the layout of the math program.

I ran into some early trouble when it came to adding decimals, but this was just a sign of rustiness. I overcame it quickly and continued to move down the chart.

My real trouble came when I hit Multiplication 4. I'm not bad at multiplication, but I'm used to doing it with a paper and a pencil. The program does provide you with a very nice scratch pad which seamlessly lets you scribble over the problem on the page. The issue for me was using the mouse to try and draw numbers on the screen. It slowed me down and let to many pointless mistakes. While trying to curl around a 2 or etch out a 7 my thoughts skipped and I missed an easy step in the multiplcation, resulting in losing the streak and having to start my mandatory 10 problems over.

My plan is to try and finish the entire map. I am projecting 3 weeks.

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