Monday, March 28, 2011

100,000 Points

I passed 100,000 points today while working through GCF. I still haven't watched a single video yet. Actually, I watched a few on calculus when I first discovered Khan, but since I began this venture I haven't had to move to a video yet. Division 4 might change that. I know how to divide, but I remember people talking about long division and short division, and I never learned the short method. I thought it was some sort of shortcut to doing long division, and long division is long, so any shortcuts are welcome.

Here is my 100,000 point badge.

They really did work out a great system for hooking into your competitive side, and that other side that people exhibit when playing WOW and collecting tons of imaginary items. I know these points aren't worth a dam thing, but to me they are symbolic of time well spent. I want to complete the Khan Academy so that when I mention it to people I can tag on that I've completed all the lessons.

I also badly want to know more about developing a site like this. I think the market is ripe in Korea for something to do with learning English.

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