Monday, April 4, 2011

Off for a few days, but back

I got busy for a while, but now I am back plugging away. I need to have another good 1 hour session of sitting down and working through exercises.

When I got back after a few days off I noticed that all my completed exercises had gone from "proficient" to "review".

This is slightly frustrating, but I enjoy the fact that they keep the pressure on you. One thing I would like to know is whether your exercises will go to review if you take a break or not. If you are on a power run and you want to knock off 10 exercises in an afternoon, only to find that your hard work is reset a week later regardless, then I think that is a bit of a sham. On the other hand, if you are continually working through harder problems, then within those problems you will be reviewing everything you have already worked on.

I also discovered more about the badges and the challenges. I did 100 addition problems in a row to earn a badge of that sort. They say there are different time limits for different exercises, but it might be cool to get a 100 in a row badges for something more difficult, like derivatives. This is just the type of competitive tool that would have made me a mathematical wiz in high school. I would have thought there could be nothing cooler than to go home and try to get higher scores than my friends on the internet math exercise tool

Anyway, I can't wait for algebra. I'm going to smoke it.

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