Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Evoloutionary Classroom: How to take the bad aspects out of the Khan Academy

To make the Khan Academy a true success, we need to have many Khan Academies. We need different teachers each tacking the same subjects. We need multiple videos on everything from addition right on up to calculus. From here, we an unlease a sea of students onto the videos. The surviving videos will be strong, recommened to friends, tied to students with good test scored. From there we can teach our future teachers. Watch the good videos. Find what makes a success. Browse some bad videos. Compare and try to identity points of failure. Then go forth and make new videos.

I can't understand all the criticism of KA on the net. They offer man rebuttles and few solutions. KA needs to be embraced and developed.

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  1. Agreed. Here's a shameless plug for what I'm doing... but it's directly along the lines you're referring to about development, so I don't feel bad: