Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fire and depth

I've been on fire lately, but I can see that slowing in the near future.

One thing I am excited about is the depth of the academy. There are many badges to earn, even after you have completed all fo the exercises. I am looking forward to sitting down for some 1 hour cram sessions and blazing through 100 circle problems, or similarly something with angles.

I am convinced now that the problem sets are not randomly generated, at least not for some of the exercises. I have done problem sets and knocked off the first 10, and even within those 10 exercises I have seen repeats. Still, this is the free tool. With some more money behind it and some more actual use by large numbers of people, we could put into effect the evoloutionary classroom: videos and problem sets evolving based on usage and correctness. It would be a phenomonal saving of time.

Still, how to go forward with a subject like English? I will have to investigate some of the surrounding subject areas on Khan, maybe science or history, and gauge how well they have been adapted, then see if they shine a light on the English situation.

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