Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another Great Site

Wow. Have you been to It feels just like the Khan Academy, but focused on vocabulary. You can see they track points and have a similar achievement system.

College and High School were both a wonderful time and everything, but there was a lot of watsted hours where I could have been drilling with a computer. I feel like I achieved as much in 15 minutes as I did in a long period at either high school or college. I mean, imagine using both these tools once a day, for 15 minutes each. My math and vocabular would be solid, giving me more confidence and understanding, and allowing me to get more juice out of the experience.

My head is spinning with the ideas of success in the future.

Thinking of Korea though, one problem with a tool like this is that it still won't prepare a student for the English on the Sooneung. This is because the test is written by Korean English experts, and Korean definintely has a different kind of English. So, I suppose we need more tools like this, tools for self study that encourage work and reward progress, and clearly identify and help to remedy problem areas.

It has to be impossible for writing... doesn't it?

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