Sunday, April 10, 2011

Productive Weekend

If you look at my stat page you can see that I have been going at it now for almost 3 weeks. I think that was my original projection: 3 weeks to finish. That's not going to happen, but I did cover a lot of ground. This Wednesday will mark the beginning of my 4th week.

I am trying to get my friend to compete against me. I figured this my stoke the engines a bit, but as you can see by the stat page, I am already pretty dedicated. When I do sit down to Khan, I stay there for a while, if I have time. And recently I have been going every day.

But, if you look at my exercise tree, I have finally reached some topics that I don't quite remember. Up until now I haven't been skipping videos. I watched 2, but not really. I wouldn't give myself video credit. I checked the video on dividing decimals, because I couldn't remembe how to do it, but one quick flash of the screen where Khan is moving the decimal point solved my issue. I opened another video to show someone that website, then I let it run in the background. This is about to chance though.

I was always bad at the domains of a function. For other exercises up to now where I've had trouble, clicking on the hints for a few problems has straightened me out. But for domains I think I will need the videos, and there are quite a few videos. That might be the same for midpoints and reflective graphs. I tried to skip ahead to derrivatives, but I can't quite remember the special ones. I know the Chain rule and the Product rule, and I am looking forward to those exercises, but I have to be honoest, I was a bit slow learning them the first time, and I might need a refresher before jumping into the exercises.

I can't get over this website. This morning at work I was a bit foggy. I have a few things to do but I could barely get my fingers to type. I decided to brush off 10 problems on Khan to wake up. 10 turned into 50, then I had to stop myself so that I don't get carried away. This is making learning lots of fun. I think I need to devote some time considering what exactly it is that makes Khan so enjoyable. I dont' think it is a mystery, I think I am just having a blast now so I don't have the correct perspective to understand the power of this tool.

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